As a Paradox, Do legal systems influence societies or society’s influence and shape legal systems; this is the argument that is yet to be answered.
In the twentieth century, the nature of the society has become a government-oriented one as opposed to its original influence from the society. This has enabled governments to interact, and shape themselves to the needs and motives of other governments.

This has led to a legal system whereby a government is not only in charge and taking care of its own people but also to those countries which it interacts it with too. This may be seen as the macro function of the legal system. If we are to look at the micro role of a legal system, one may give the following example. We can now look to consider a legal system where it only involves the people of its own government.

It is possible to simplify this further: for example, a person may have been injured due to a traffic accident where it was not his/her fault, so therefore the government will put in place a system to resolve the matter justly. This justice can only be in place if there is an adequate legal system to support this. So, therefore, knowing the law, will lead one to know the rules of justice, which will mean to attain justice.

It is at this point that the lawyers get involved. At first, it is possible for one to question the necessity of lawyers and their roles, but when it is clear that lawyers are there to maintain justice by way of using their knowledge in the legal system, it becomes evident that this enables the system to work justly. Hence, not only obtaining the rights of clients but also lifting extra duties and burdens off the courts.

Systems of law are present in every aspect of our lives. Even the new technologies and inventions that are introduced, before there was no need but now they cannot be introduced without a list of how to use instructions. At this point, there has been much improving in the field of law in the past twenty years. Another twenty years will no doubt introduce more areas of law. So, therefore, the system of legislation and legal systems have been expanding in its own sphere and will continue to do so. For this, there will always be lawyers to make sure it is governed justly – this in return will benefit the community as it will bring uniformity but most importantly justice at large.

Butuner Law Firm was established by Mr. Ahmet Butuner in 1980 who is an experienced and successful advocate.
Since the establishment of this Firm we have gained valuable expertise in the areas of Commercial Law, Debt Law, Civil Law, Banking Law and International Law. Butuner Law Firm’s main aim has been to work in the best interests of its clients in resolving their legal matters and making sure their interests have been fully protected and to the client's satisfaction.
We have succeeded in providing success for our client’s legal matters in national courts as well as in the jurisdictions abroad including England, Germany, UAE, Spain and Holland.
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